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Have you ever wanted the Mac OS X dock on your Windows PC? Well, with ObjectDock, here is your chance.

ObjectDock is a Mac OS X style file, folder, and application launcher for Microsoft Windows. The launcher, also known as a dock, is much more animated than the standard Windows’ taskbar. The design and usage of the application are simplistic and intuitive. Just drag and drop files, folders, or applications onto the dock and it will generate a dock icon providing quick access to your files, folders, and applications in style.

You can create multiple docks and position them anywhere on your screen whether it is on the edge or at a certain distance off the edge of the screen. The dock icon and dock itself can be static or animated. There is a selection of animated effects for the dock icons such as bubbling, zooming, glowing, and swinging. The dock can automatically hide and unhide, stretched and unstretched. If that’s not enough customization, the dock is also skinnable.

In additional to the features that have been discussed, ObjeckDock offers the following features:

•    Tabbed docks
•    System tray icons support
•    Display of running applications
•    Calendar, weather, battery, clock, recycled bin, and Start Menu “docklets”
•    Hiding of the Windows’ taskbar
•    Fly-out menu


Overall, ObjectDock is an application for those who wants to customize their Windows desktop and taskbar appearance with a brush of practicality for every day usage.

  Visit the Official Website
Software License Type: Paidware
Software Operating System: Microsoft Windows


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