With Listary you’ll never have to go through the tedious process of browsing through folders, looking for the right file names and hunting through Windows’ limited menus ever again. With just a few clicks you can quickly and easily:

  • Search the entire disk drive from any window or folder 
  • Quickly find any file you need with a few short key strokes Instantly find & launch programs with a quick keyboard command 
  • Copy or move files to any folder from any folder with easy context menu commands 
  • Open a file with a specific program from anywhere Instantly jump from file manager to a target folder with a simple key command 
  • Create a Favorites list of commonly used files and apps for fast access 
  • Right-Click any search result for a robust Action+Context menu 
  • Quickly browse your recent app and file history to continue working where you left off 
  • Search the web with Listary’s keyword query engine
License Type: Freemium |   Download at Application's Website


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